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Jewellery is one of the best things which almost every woman loves more than anything else. It is said that if you want to make a woman happy then you should gift her some kind of jewelry. Many women love jewellery more than their own life, and can even spend their big chunk of money on jewellery. I still remember that my mom also used to save money for months and then would buy a piece of gold jewellery. And gradually she managed to fill a medium size box with jewellery.

While buying jewelry for your saree, lehenga, salwar kameez, kurti, jeans, top, skirts, tunics, trousers, shorts or any other outfit you should keep some important things in mind.

Jewelry Tips for Women with Round Face:

  • If you are round face then do not buy heavy jewelry for you.
  • If you like wearing nose ring then go for smallest ones, small nose rings will look perfect on your face. If it is in diamond then it is excellent.
  • Similarly small earrings would be best, as long earrings will make your face look more round, while small earrings would give your face the illusion of oval look.
  • While choosing necklace choose the one which is v shaped, yes v shaped necklace would give your face oval look whereas round necklace would make your face look more round.
  • If your color is fair then both golden and diamond jewelry will look good on your face, if your color is dark then I will suggest you to go for pure gold jewelry not artificial gold as artificial gold gives cheap look, apart from this you can also put on real or artificial diamond jewelry.

Jewelry Tips for Women with Oval Face:

  • There are lots of options available for oval face women, whether it is about jewellery, clothing or any kind of fashion accessories.
  • Women with oval face can wear almost any type of jewellery, dress or accessory. They can also wear all that which a woman with round face can’t wear. So there is no limit for such women.

Jewelry Tips for Women with Dark Complexion:

  • Women with dark color should be very careful while choosing jewellery. I would strongly advise them to wear very light jewellery unless it is very important. 
  • In light jewellery earrings, nose pin and nose rings would be the best idea. 
  • They should keep in mind that their ultimate moto is not wear just any jewellery but to look attractive & beautiful. Wearing nose ring and earrings would make them look sexy and attractive, while on the other hand wearing more jewellery would only make them old fashioned and less attractive.
  • But they should put on more jewellery with heavy work designer saree, lehenga and salwar kameez. Because heavy jewellery is required to balance such heavy work dresses.

How to Choose Matching Bangles:

  • While choosing bangles to wear with sarees you should always keep one thing in mind, the color of the bangles should always match with color of the saree, salwar kameez, kurti, lehenga choli or whatever dress you wear.
  • Heavy work bangles should be worn with lehenga choli, heavy work sarees, salwar kameez and salwar suits like bangles studded with precious stones, diamonds, and other beautiful stones.
  • For tops, kurtis & tunics you can choose bangles with matching colors as well as the combination of different colors. Do not choose glass bangles to wear with tops, kurtis & tunics instead choose bangles made of metallic, plastic or any other solid stuff. Wearing a single heavy bangle in one or both hand is also in fashion.
  • Glass bangles look good with sarees, lehenga & salwar kameez only.

Bangles & Bracelets for Western Outfits like Jeans, Top, Skirts, Shorts, etc.

  • When we talk about casual wear then what comes in our mind first are jeans, top, skirts, shorts, etc. While choosing jewellery and accessories to sport with such outfits we should keep in mind few things.
  • Wearing simple glass bangles with jeans, tops, and skirts is not a good idea it may give you a old fashion look. If you really like to sport glass bangles then it should be very fancy & stylish.
  • Bangles made with stuffs other than glass are best match for western wear. 
  • Wearing one non-glassy wide bangle in any one hand look more fashionable than wearing them in both hands.
  • Same things also apply with kurtis & tunics.
  • Friendship bracelets are also quite common among the girls and women and can be worn with jeans, top, skirts, shorts, trousers, etc. Wearing more than one bracelets or friendship band look much fashionable and stylish if worn top.

Jewelry Tips for Wedding and Party Wear:

  • For any wedding or any other party or event most of the women in India like to wear sarees, lehenga, salwar kameez and kurtis. So you can make yourself look charming and astonishing with the right combination of the jewelry which match with your dress.
  • If you are wearing heavy work costly saree, lehenga, sharara or lancha then I would advise you to wear heavy jewelry that match with the color of the saree, lehenga, etc. 
  • Apart from original gold & diamond jewelry sets, there are lots of attractive and beautiful artificial jewellery(also called as imitation jewelry) sets which are available in the market at much cheaper price which also look beautiful, you can get them even on rent from the market.
  • If you are planning to put on salwar kameez or kurti then do not opt for more jewelry but choose for light jewelry which match with your salwar suit or kurti.

For buying latest fashion jewelry, artificial jewelry, imitation jewelry, etc. there are lots of online women fashion stores, at BeelinePune one can buy any type of latest fancy jewelry at good price. Hope you would have found this article useful and found some good information which you were looking for.


Courtesy : Indian Women Fashion Tips

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