Importance of Jewelry in Women's Life..

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For women, jewelry is surely the most superlative item. One cannot explain the fact that why women love jewelry so much. The importance of jewelry in women’s life can be explained by the fact that women love jewelry since ages. The popularity of the jewelry is increasing with the passage of time as many new designs and styles are on its way into the market. It is an important ornament for all special and auspicious occasion. All the special occasions like wedding, anniversary and birthday party look dull when women is not wearing jewelry on such occasions. The importance of jewelry for women can be determined as women feel inferior or unsatisfied when she is not wearing jewelry on any special celebration and festival. Jewelry not only gives a fabulous look to a woman but also make her more confident and stylish.

Since centuries women use jewelry for their adornment, it is also the best gift for any occasion. This is one of the best and expensive gifts that a husband can present to her wife. There are different items in jewelry like bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, chains, watches and pendants so; there is great variety of different items made from expensive as well as from cheap materials. Diamond and platinum is the most expensive one while silver is quite affordable to everyone and gold is the jewelry used by almost all people. Jewelry is not only served for the adornment but it is also the best investment that one can make in his/her life and serves as best safety in time of emergency. The main reason is, it is expensive and will sell at good price in time of awful money needed. It also serves as a source of insurance. Jewelry accentuates the feminine beauty by making use of jewelry made from diamond, silver and gold.
Traditionally, jewelry is the symbol of status, wealth and power. Jewelry is the part and parcel of wedding for a girl, she takes jewelry from both her parents and from her in laws that keep it throughout her life; it is the real wealth of her life. Jewelry is the important part of women’s personality. Jewelry is different for different occasions like on formal occasion jewelry items are different from those wearing at wedding occasion. On formal occasions light jewelry is used while on wedding heavy jewelry usually gold is used. Small and colorful earrings are best for any casual and formal occasions. Apart from women, men also love to use and wear light jewelry like light chain, ring and bracelets. Fresh and new designs are always available in markets. While buying jewelry gold is measured in karat. For example 18k is gold of 18 karat and sterling jewelry is marked as “925” or “sterling”. Sterling silver consists of other metals of 7.75 percent and 92.5 percent of silver. Different precious stones are also used in jewelry along with gold, platinum and diamond. Women are the important part of society and jewelry is the important part of women.

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    I’m glad you talked about how jewelry is important to a woman because it enhances the appearance and increases self-confidence. As a woman, I couldn’t agree more. I feel special when I receive jewelry as a gift because I feel that I’m being valued. I’m going to an important event, and I’m looking for elegant jewelry pieces. Thanks for the article and for the advice!

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