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      Jewellery and women go hand in hand. Well, it’s not just limited to women but in some cases men too. These days people wear jewellery to make a style statement, but do they really know the scientific reason behind wearing jewellery?

      Have you ever wondered why women wear all the jewellery that they wear? Especially women from the olden times? India has its roots deep in the history of science. There are some logical and scientific reasons behind every jewellery piece worn by women in India.

Read on to know more about these jewellery pieces.

1. Earrings: An important nerve that connects brain, cervical and kidney passes through the right ear. If the right amount of pressure is managed, then it will keep the kidney and bladder healthy.

That is why people pierced their ears and started wearing earrings.

2. Nose ring: Apparently women who get their nose pierced, experience less pain while delivering their baby. Ayurveda associates the spot where nose is pierced with female reproductive organ.

A theory states that nose piercing connects with emotional, romantic and sexual propositions too. Some say it also prevents a woman from getting hypnotized because it controls brain wavelength.

3. Bangles: Bangles increase a woman’s blood circulation level and reverts back the energy that is passing through her outer skin. This is possible because of the circular shape of the ornament.

Along with the cute tingling sound, it also benefits the women’s health.

4. Toe rings: The theory of wearing toe rings is that it regularizes menstrual cycle with even intervals. It is also said that the nerves in toes is connected to the uterus and passes through the heart. When a married woman wears these rings and does her regular chores, the friction revitalizes her reproductive organ.

 Generally these rings are made of silver and it is also said that silver absorbs energy from the earth and passes it to the body, that refreshes the entire body.

5. Ring: The reason why people wear rings on the fourth finger from the thumb is that the nerve passing through this finger is evenly spread through brain neuron cells. Frequent metallic friction is good for the person’s health and helps them to handle life with ease and confidence.

Maybe that is why people all across the globe believe in wearing rings.

6. Mangalsutra: Mangalsutra is also worn to control body pressure levels and regularize blood circulation.

 It is also a symbol of love and commitment between a married couple.

7. Hip/Belly Belt: Hip/belly belts are not regularly used these days, but they prevent saturation of fat in the waist and maintain a woman’s figure.

Wow! Guess women who are really concerned about their figure should get back to wearing these belts.

These are some interesting reasons why women do what they do.

Next time men crib about women taking too long to get dressed, show them the benefits of taking all that extra time. ?

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    Wow! I didn’t know a lot of these benefits. Thanks for sharing this very useful info.

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