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About Hayagi..

Hayagi sells contemporary, classic and exquisite Jewellery for all occasions. From Traditional, Antique, South Indian, Maharashtrian & Western Jewellery, Hayagi has it.

Hayagi has 4 years of existence, creating and selling stunning Jewellery for customers worldwide.

Being an online company allows us to cut out certain costs that for many retail stores results in higher priced Jewellery. However, taking the online strategy, enables us to offer reasonable prices for exceptional quality.

We recently inaugurated our new showroom at Appa Balwant Chowk, Pune. Product prices are the same at our store.

Hayagi pride themselves on providing a personal touch. The company provides and shows great understanding of each and every customer’s individual requirements, working around the clock to give life to each dream she is entrusted to create. Outstanding service is given with all custom made orders, your experience will be as unique.

“Our own desire is to provide a piece of Jewellery that not just fulfills but exceeds your expectation”

Hayagi has a range of Women’s Jewellery to browse and purchase. For those who aren’t so sure of what they are looking for or who don’t have a specific design in mind, can check our website www.Hayagi.com, plenty of treats await to be found. This includes a series of eye-catching Jewellery. Indulge yourself with ‘Impact’ that will make you stand out for any suitable occasion.

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