Hayagi The Best Imitation Jewellery – 98% Customer satisfaction


It has been 3 years since we started Hayagi (Formerly Known as Beeline). And almost in a span of 9 Months we have made a place in the heart of Pune city, Appa Balwant Chowk!

Our store Hayagi Jewellers is widely known by Puneities as the only place to shop the most affordable & trustworthy Imitation Jewellery. We have successfully created a brand all over the world and are known for super fast delivery. Today, we at Hayagi Jewellers take some time to Thank all you amazing people.














We are really grateful to all our customers who showered us with all those kind words!

As you all know we ship to 25 countries including Indonesia, UK, US, Singapore, France, Kuwait, Germany, Australia, Nepal, Qatar, Bahrain, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Thailand, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, SriLanka, Denmark, Italy, Taiwan, Fiji, Russia & Oman.







This couldn’t be possible without our customers & we wish to spread more smiles with our products.

Spend Less Expect More.

Hayagi is the best Imitation Jewellery store in Pune for variety of Bridal, Imitation Oxidized, Temple & Antique Jewellery.

Website – www.hayagi.com

Call – 7722081376

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