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 Imitation Jewellery in Pune

Jewellery or Jewelry  consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment such as brooches, rings, necklace, earrings, pendants etc…

The word jewellery is derived from the word jewel which was anglicized  from the old french “Jouel”  meaning plaything. Jewellery is a way of keeping memories alive. It is hard to find the rarest jewellery for the perfect person.

We, in the Indian culture have important place for Jewellery & adorn it on every occasion. In fact, we believe that the beauty of a human being oomphs up with the Jewellery they wear. With modern culture, there has been an evolution of jewellery. We don a variety of Gold, silver, platinum, oxidized & imitation jewellery.

Looking at the aspect of jewellery in financial terms, gold, silver & platinum are more heavier to the pocket rather than Imitation one. Well, imitation jewellery is considered a discrete category of fashion accessory & displays many characteristics of a self contained industry.

Imitation Jewellery is made up of delicate gemstones studded in a plating of Silver, gold or Nickel. It is definitely light on the pocket and looks alluring. Hayagi Jewellers Shop in Pune has gained a Wide attention of Customers all over the globe. People are mesmerized with the beauty in their jewellery collections.


To Browse the entire collection, Click on www.hayagi.com

We ship around 23 countries ! 98% Customers satisfaction. Hayagi – The best imitation Jewellery shop in Pune !



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