Importance of Jewellery as per Ancient Times


Each and every culture has its own history and mystery. The real fact why Indian women wear ornaments is that they have some power, which is believed to be spiritual.
Metals like Gold, silver, copper are used to make ornaments. These are used to obtain benefits from them.
• Physical & psychological effects:By wearing metal ornaments one can obtain benefits such as reduction in body heat, enhancement in beauty etc. For ex., copper ornaments reduce heat while gold enhances beauty.
• Spiritual benefits:From ancient times it is believed and followed that this habit of wearing ornaments is for protection against negative influences and obtaining positive power, metal ornaments are worn.
• Gold destroys harmful germs in body.
• Among all metals gold is the most SATTVIK
• By using gold, divine energy is obtained in larger extent.
• By adorning gold ornaments, the divine energy -Sakthi- present in woman is activated and the entire family is protected. Gold is associated with fire element – Tejtattva- So, this gold absorbs Chaitanya frequencies which are emitted to the women who wear it. So this activates the Sun channel –Surya nadi- of women. So this makes Sakthi to release energy and protecting not only her but her family also.
• By adorning Gold, one is liberated from untimely death.
Silver is next to gold. If one can’t adorn gold, then she can adorn silver. But preferably gold is recommended. Some ornaments are made of Silver, only ex., anklets. In general sometimes bangles and rings are also made of gold. Generally Gold is worn above waist and silver below waist.

While wearing a saree, inserting a chabi chhalla (waist key chain/key ring) at the edge of the pleats with about 100gms hanging part and a hook 1" wide & 3" long (approx.) will act to keep your throat clear of mucus and phlegm, due to acupressure that the hook exerts at the skin contact area there by assuring you a clear voice, & eliminating the need to clear the throat frequently & making it quite easier i.e. reducing the effort if required.

Various gems are made embedded on ornaments for specific reasons.
• Ruby is worn for protection of the gross body. It provides energy.
• Diamond has the ability of purification of gross & mental body. It emits the Absolute Fire element.
• Red coral awakens the Chetna in the body. Touching leads to enhancement to the mission‘s momentum.
• Pearl is the symbol of coolness. It gives pleasure.
• Emerald maintains the power of our body
• Yellow sapphire, enhances enthusiasm.
• Hessonite helps to do tasks in better way.

Planets have importance in astrology. Ornaments must be worn by relating one’s position of planets at the time they where born. Each stone has been related to one planet. Each person has to wear ornaments according to their “Graham” position. In case of rings, men wear at right hand, while women wear in left hand.
Here we can see which planet is associated with precious stone and where we have to wear it.
• Sun-Ruby-Ring finger
• Moon-Pearl-Little finger
• Mars-Red coral-Ring finger
• Uranus-Emerald-Little finger
• Jupiter-Yellow sapphire-index finger
• Venus-Diamond-Ring finger
• Saturn-Blue sapphire-Middle finger
• Rahu-Hessonite-Little finger
• Ketu-Cat’s eye-Little finger
Only Hindu culture advocates adorning ornaments in head, neck, nose, ears, hands, waist and feet. According to Dharma, a women must wear ornaments in special occasions such as weddings, festivals etc. But in general a woman need not wear all ornaments all the time. As per financial conditions a women can select her own ornaments.
Hindu culture forces women to wear ornaments is because of the fact that these ornaments prevent negative influences being controlling them. It prevents negative energies that bring problems not only to the person who wears it but also to the whole family.

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