Maharashtrian Jewelry for Festive Season..Flaunt ur Traditional Look


Maharashtra is famous for its rich heritage and culture. When we talk about Maharashtrian culture the first thing comes to our mind is the enthusiasm of Maharashtrian tradition of celebrating festive occasion and weddings. And these festivals and weddings are just incomplete without traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery. 

Maharashtrian Jewellery has the vast variety of traditional Jewellery from ‘’hair accessories to anklet / toe ring’’. Maharashtrian women love to enhance their beauty with traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery. And to get perfect classic Maharashtrian look, Jewellery is must. Now a days, Maharashtrian jewelries are not only famous in Maharashtra but also Worldwide. Even most of the Marathi TV serial actress wear these Jewellery, and women follow their favorite actress by wearing same Jewellery.

Thushi Bangles

Let’s flaunt our traditional look this festive season with Hayagi Imitation Jewellery which brings for you all the varieties of Maharashtrian Jewellery from Kolhapuri Saaj to Thushi necklace, nath, vaaki, bugadi, choker, bangles, bajubandi, vajratik etc.


Get all these Jewellery at 40% Discount only till 24 Oct 2020

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