Save Upto 30% on Jewellery - Buy from Sellers Not from Marketplaces


Sales on all major marketplaces have started declining. Reason..?

Marketplace Commissions

All marketplaces collect commission from sellers on successful orders as sellers are using there platform. Commissions vary from 15-30% (with regards to jewellery) Sellers are compelled to pay commission fees, closing fee, collection fee, shipping, taxes, fixed fees & cancellation fees (if orders get canceled).

Obviously, sellers won't pay all these fees from his pocket. He loads each and every component on product price. By doing so, the product cost ends up with 25-30% more if the seller sells through his own channel.

Customers buying from marketplaces feel they are buying from well known company. But, most of the customers fail to compare product prices with other players.

Buying directly from seller's portal like, will surely save you up to 30%

When you plan to buy jewellery in future, do compare prices on our website before placing order through marketplaces.


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