Top 5 Jewelry Trends to follow at any function


Jewelry helps in enhancing one’s beauty. For some, jewelry is a form of art for self and creative
expression. Then, some people use jewelry as part of their tradition and culture. A women’s
beauty is incomplete without her adornments.
Here is a guide to help you look ravishing on any occasion.

This style of necklace has gained admiration in recent times. This style has already reached
the Indian bride’s outfit with many brides choosing to go for a choker necklace on their
wedding day. It gives a very majestic feeling to the whole look of the wedding attire making it
so popular.

Traditional antique Jhumki is gold plating conical shape earrings which are worn with the
traditional apparel. Traditional Jhumki design is inspired by nature elements; they could be
intricate with floral design or temple design. If you want to keep your look simple but elegant,
these Jhumkis serve the purpose.

INTRICATE MATHA PATTI with complex work was a sight for the sore eyes making it a
Bollywood favorite of 2019-2020. Matha Patti is one of the pieces of jewelry that most brides
love to wear on their wedding day. This fashion bauble gives the ideal Indian bride look.

The studded nose ring with a layered chain is a showstopper. This mid-sized nose ring with
multiple, layered chains is a beautiful, traditional nose ring design. The pearl and glass enamel
detail on the nose ring goes wonderfully with the layered chain look. Accessorize better with
this beautiful nose ring for a complete makeover. Not everybody is comfortable wearing one
but if you want to go for extra glam go for it.

The round finger ring leads the way to ethnic style. They display a trendy look, so you can
flaunt your style by wearing them. A ring is not only the jewelry or accessory that can
embellish your finger. It is said that the rings have always been associated with beautifying
the hands of the brides along with their wedding dresses and are a delight to every craftsman
who makes jewelry.
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