Imitation jewellery is a combination of stones, pearls, beads, etc. mounted on alloy, copper or any other metal. Listed below are few precautions to be taken for long life of jewellery.

  • Always use delicately.
  • Don’t drop these Jewellery as stones, pearls or beads may detach from metal
  • You can use your Jewellery whenever required. But while unused, please maintain it inside a plastic box or zip lock covers. Any moisture or sweat should be properly wiped off before preserving inside.
  • You may have with you some boxes which are covered with velvet gifted to you when you bought gold or diamond jewellery. Please do not use those velvet boxes for preserving imitation jewellery
  • Perfumes and deodorant spray or body and hair spray are real enemies for Imitation Jewellery. How well your jewellery may look with the plating, it doesn’t matter. A single spray of these perfumes are good enough to instantly spoil the look and colour of the jewellery or shorten the colour life. Please avoid using these chemicals or cleaning agents when you use imitation or gold plated jewellery.
  • While wearing earrings, twist the screw little bit & it will slide easily on the pin.
  • In case of any dust, please wipe it using a non-sticky soft cloth and then preserve it in an air-tight zip lock covers or plastic boxes.
  • Don’t dump many pieces of Jewellery into one compartment and pile them up. The plastic baubles may get scratched and lose their shine.
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